Members of the B&A Team provide training pertaining to Federal Financial Management to Federal employees and contractors nationwide.
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Financial Management Support

  • Accounting & Financial Reporting

    Brooks & Associate staffs its engagements with Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), Certified Government Financial Managers (CGFMs), Certified Defense Financial Managers (CDFMs), and Certified Fraud Examiners (CFEs) to support the Chief Financial Officers throughout the Federal Government. Specifically, our team of professionals:

    • Reconcile the United States Standard General Ledger (USSGL), accounts including the Fund Balance with Treasury Account and other Balance Sheet Accounts;
    • Perform “Tie Point” analysis to ensure USSGL Posting Models are correct;
    • Prepare Agency Financial Statement in accordance with Office and Budget Circular A-136; and the Pronouncements promulgated by the Federal Accounting Standard Advisory Board (FASAB);
    • Prepare the SF 224 and SF 1219/1220 Reports;
    • Prepare FACTS II submission;
    • Reconcile unliquidated Obligations;
    • Reconcile problem disbursements, including negative unliquidated obligations (NULOs) and unmatched disbursements;
    • Write accounting policies and procedures;
    • Assist agencies in classifying and recording various accounting transactions in accordance with the provisions of the USSGL;
    • Conduct business process reviews;
    • Implement standards promulgated by the FASAB;
    • Provide audit remediation services;
    • Perform grant close-out services;
    • Provide audit coordination services;
    • Perform other accounting and budgeting support;
    • Prepare Agency FACTS I / Closing Package Submission.
  • Resource Management & Budget Support

    • Conduct assessment of financial management operation and relate system

      The contractor will assess the state of financial management operations by conducting a review and analysis of the following:

      The team will determine overall requirements for Financial Management Operations, including tools necessary to manage processes:

      • Budget Formulation and Preparation Requirements.
        • Assess and/or create exhibits, supporting spreadsheets, briefing charts, point papers, position papers, and project schedules as necessary to manage this dynamic process. The B&A team will always consult and engage in continuous coordination with Agency's Management.
        • Budget Execution and Tracking Support/Requirements

      The team will assess and/or create the necessary budget tracking and execution tools (spreadsheet, graphs, access database), at the summary and detail transaction level by line of accounting, and project level to capture the commitment, obligation, and expenditure data to manage the overall execution of agency funding. The team will always consult and engage in continuous coordination with agency management and various stakeholders to respond to tasks accurately and promptly.

      • Briefings and Analysis, including Budget and Cost.

        The B&A team make assessments regarding the level of cost expertise needed to satisfy agency requirements. The team quantify proposed project requiring cost and economic analysis, the level of complexity, and provide agency with a recommendation on how to accomplish this requirement;

      Our professionals engage in continuous coordination with agency management and the various internal/external stakeholders to respond to tasks accurately and promptly.

      • Internal/External Data and Information.

        The B&A team analyze current reporting requirement (deliverable) and determine whether other reporting requirements exist. In addition, the team will create a Microsoft Project Schedule to manage deliverable and reporting requirements.

      • Reporting Requirements.

        The B&A team include all external data requirement the agency is responsible to submit such as the Report on Budget Execution and Budgetary Resources (SF 133). Our Professionals consult and engage in continuous coordination with agency leadership and the various internal/external stakeholders to respond to tasks accurately and promptly.

      • Financial Management Support.

      Our professionals coordinate with agency to determine the level of support required from Budget Execution and Program Management Briefings on program status, and other internal/external meeting requirements. The B&A team consult and engage in continuous coordination with agency leadership and the various internal/external stakeholders to respond to tasks accurately and promptly.

    • Office Data Entry and Reporting Requirements

      Support the data entry requirements by providing the Financial Management analysts all the information needed to record and report funding transactions. The team will prepare Inter-agency Agreements and other funding request with the input of the agency management. The team will forward documents to the analysts for entry into the financial.

      Conduct detailed management and benefits cost analysis, to assist management in determining optional use of resources.

      • Our professionals conduct cost analysis with quantitative estimating techniques and statistical analysis models, to assist management in determining the optimal use of resources and to assist Program Managers in making cost effective decisions through the life-cycle of all financial expenditures.
      • Since Cost Analysis requires a special skill-set, to offer the required resource(s) to provide this service. This involves conducting the various types of estimate (e.g., parametric, analog and/or engineering methods, as necessary) and understands the various relationship/interrelationship between attributes and costs to properly make an accurate estimate and provide expert advice to management.
    • Describe policy guidance, providing additional guidance and instruction as required

      Review existing policies as issues come up and provide additional guidance to management as required on the different issues. We monitor, and participate as necessary, on new internal policy or external (e.g., Congressional Mandates) policy issues. We create a standard operating manual that include current policies/procedures/instructions for contract analysts to use. As necessary, we will track legislative actions to determine impact on agency's programs.

    • Conduct Audits and Reviews

      Conduct quarterly, semi-annual and annual management reviews with program analysts to assess the financial position of the agency and make recommendations and/or adjustments to agency pertaining to financial direction to ensure effective and efficient use of funding. These reviews will highlight the current commitments, obligations, and expenditures; and, show a comparative analysis between projected and/or actual spend plans. Also, we will establish a bi-weekly report to provide a summary/macro view of commitments, obligations, and expenditures for quick analysis. We will also ensure all data elements and/or files are properly mapped to the correct appropriation and/or account for accuracy and audit-ability.